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More than just some guys behind some turntables, Langlois Entertainment are all-inclusive event specialists.

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“With over 17 years experience, DJ Scott Langlois’ professionalism and upbeat personality make him a favorite along the seacoast!”

Treat your guests to the perfect party with a seamless blend of music and commentary. We’ve helped wedding couples, party planners, and corporate hosts organize their activities and keep fun and excitement rolling throughout the evening.


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Inviting such a diverse crowd of people from two different families can often result in a lot of awkward moments. We however know exactly how to play to the crowd and ensure everyone has an amazing time!


Quarterly meetings are about to get much more fun and engaging! With our entertainment expertise, no one will want to leave early, and your company will be known for having the happiest employees.

Other Events

At the end of any event people don’t typically remember the food or the decor. They remember the fun they had dancing all night long. If you want your event to be remembered for just that, call us.

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Music makes bad days good, and good days great. It has the power to move a room, and make your event unforgettable.

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